Enjoy the Spectacular Views of Taif with the Best Hotels through Booking.com

Taif is a city of Saudia Arabia located in the province of Makkah. The city is known for its regional museum, King Fahad gardens, Taif national park, lagoon, dam white-walled grand building, and Shubra palace, and all the luscious gardens and mountains growing fragrant flowers. The Taif is also known for being the city of roses. To enjoy this beautiful city, book your hotels through Bookinf.com. You can also enjoy discounts on your hotels with the use of the Booking.com code from couponksa.com. Here are the top picks at Booking.com for the best hotels in the city.

Remaj Hotel:

Remaj is one of the most beautiful hotels at Wadi Waj Road. The hotel features a terrace which has a bar and gives you spectacular views of the city. The hotel is located near the Jouri mall, King Fahad garden, Taif regional airport, and Saiysad national park. The hotel has a separate fitness center for women and also offers the facility of playing billiards. This hotel offers the best facilities for their visitors. They also offer discount deals on their services. For further discount offers, you can use the Booking.com code to enjoy the big discounts on their services.


If you are looking for a hotel which offers grand services and is near the airport, then book the Inter-Continental hotel located at the Airport road. This luxurious hotel is near Hejaz Mountain and is the perfect resort. The rooms of the hotel overlook the King Abdullah Palace gardens and its perfect location offers picturesque surroundings with cool winds throughout the year. Use the Booking.com code to get amazing discounts at the Inter-Continental hotel.

Al Mokhtar 2:

Al Mokhtar 2 Furnished Units is another grand hotel in Taif. Located in the Faisaliyah district, the hotel offers majestic looks. The rooms at the hotel are well equipped with internet, kettle station, bidet, and toiletries. The hotel is near Saiysad national park, Jouri mall, and also offers a free shuttle service to the airport. You can enjoy best entertainment and sports facilities there. You just need to visit booking.com website to book your desired hotel or airline tickets. This service is used by thousands of people in the whole world. You can book any hotel in any part of the world with the help of this service. Don’t forget to use the Booking.com code so that you can save your investment. This promo code is easily available online for your assistance. Visit copon.ae to find the latest promo codes online.

Buyut Aldiyafa:

Buyut Aldiyafa is another luxurious hotel located on the Airport road. The best part of the hotels is that all the rooms have a mini-fridge, kitchen, seating area, and wardrobe area. The hotel also has a shared lounge where guests can enjoy themselves with some coffee and snacks. The hotel is near Jouri mall, Taif University, and the airport. Use the Booking.com code from couponksa.com to get the Buyut Aldiyafa at a reasonable price.