Visiting Granby Zoo? Here’s What you Should Know First


Granby Zoo is a zoo, water park, and amusement park that houses nearly 1, 800 animals. It is a great day-trip destination, especially if you have children. Some of the animals at the zoo include colobus monkeys, fishing cats, chinchillas, meerkats, kangaroos, and many more. Special exhibits highlight lorikeets and sharks. The water park there features a Lazy River which is Quebec’s largest wave pool. There is also a children’s water playground set with a replica of an Amazon rainforest village. If you are staying in Château Bromont près de Granby, a visit to the zoo should be a priority. But, before you head to the zoo, you must know the following tips to have a perfect day at the zoo:

Choose your Ideal Pass

Visit the official website of the zoo and go to the rates section on the site to find the ideal pass. There are various kinds of passes you can avail of based on the number of days you will want to visit and the number of people you will be with. You need to find the combination that best suits your needs. Purchase the passes online and go to the ticket counter with your papers in hand.

Take Part in the Search for Dino Eggs

In the summer, visitors at Granby Zoo can take part in immersive activities that will take them to the world of dinosaurs. One of these activities is the search for and collection of dinosaur eggs spread throughout the website. You can collect the eggs using your smartphone after you download the application called Dinozoo Granby. Every egg will secure you a badge to mark your progress and a certificate to aware you for your excellence. Therefore, make sure you download the app before you head to the zoo in the summer.

Reserve a VIP Parking Space

If you like a VIP parking spot near the entrance make your reservations before the visit. While parking at Granby Zoo is free, you can also take advantage of their special parking spaces located at a walking distance or with a shuttle service. You can reserve VIP parking at the zoo for $10 online.

Discover their Varied Food Catering Services

If you are visiting Zoo de Granby, you don’t have to bring your coolers as they offer varying food catering services. You can choose from the dozen of restaurants on site. The main restaurants provide dishes certified to have no allergens, which is perfect if you have a family member with allergies.