Trekking Boots: A Guide On How To Choose The Ideal Shoe

Another is knowing how to invest in the right shoes. And, also, to be aware of how much you can expect from the chosen equipment. The universe of boots may not even be that big – speaking of the Brazilian market –, but there are boots (and sneakers) of all types, prices, and applications. And it is this diversity that we are going to talk about

Trekking boots are not such a cheap product, so it is necessary to be careful when choosing the product because buying an inappropriate boot can cause you, in addition to financial losses, problems such as fractures, ankle dislocations, and even foot wounds. We will give you all the possible details to fully understand and experience when buying your boot.

Trekking Boots

There are dozens of models and brands in the market (mostly imported), but what is worth taking into account are the tips that are here below:

The Size Of The Trekking Boot

Here, let’s talk about boot size. Some people like to buy trekking boots with a higher number because trekking socks are often thicker than standard socks. But many people prefer to wear two-layer socks, as this system (double layer) prevents blisters by having less friction with the foot. So, should you buy a bigger boot?

Not always. Of course, size is an observation that may or may not work for you. Therefore, it is essential that you feel the shoes on your feet and try them with thick socks and thinner socks and see what best suits your tastes and the comfort of your feet.

Also, take into account that your feet swell up after a few hours of walking. Tight trekking boots can make your activity very uncomfortable, hurting your toes. On the other hand, loose trekking boots may not give you the safety you need, as on a descent, for example, your foot can slip inside the boots, even breaking your nails during the activity.

However, the idea is to try the boot with trekking socks, preferably the same ones you will use during your endeavor.

There are some factors such as durability, comfort, and price that must also be considered. This varies for each adventurer, as each one has a vision of what is comfortable and cheap. So, what might be viable Danner boots for me might not be for you. So does the price.