Traveling To Copenhagen On A Budget? Follow These 3 Hacks!


Visiting Denmark is often on every traveler’s wish list, and you cannot afford to miss that beauty and charm of Copenhagen. The Danish capital has always been an ideal travel destination, with numerous diverse attractions, although it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Copenhagen can be an expensive city. In fact, compared to other Scandinavian cities, you are likely to spend more here. However, that doesn’t mean you should skip your travel plans. We have a few hacks for saving more money when in the city.

Go for serviced apartments

There is something called getting ‘real value’ for your money, and if that’s what you seek, you need to book one of the apartment hotels in Copenhagen. Serviced apartments are better than hotels in terms of the facilities and overall privacy, and you will be surprised at the pricing. From expansive penthouses to modest one-bedroom apartments, there is something for every budget. Some of the best properties are located in Østerbro, which also has a beach called Svanemøllestranden. You need to book in advance to get the right place.

Get a Copenhagen card

Consider getting the Copenhagen City Pass, which is typically valid for a day or for as many as 3 days. This allows access to some of the best museums and attractions, and you get special discounts too, especially for restaurants and shops. The Copenhagen City Pass is a great way to save on transport, more so when you want to cover a selected number of attractions. Compare what the passes cover before you select one.

Go for bicycle renting

Bike renting is pretty common in the Danish capital and it has dedicated lanes. This is not a very huge city in terms of area, so many of the attractions can be covered easily on a bicycle. The good news is you can rent by the hour, and if you want to drop the bicycle somewhere midway, you will find docking stations. Also, the renting makes sense for people who don’t want to spend on cabs. Cabs can be really expensive here.

As for saving on food, you can choose to head to Copenhagen Street Food area or Paper Island, where you can actually explore street stalls that serve all kinds of food, including Nordic fare. As for your water, keep a bottle handy and you can find many places to refill. Check online for hotel apartments now!