Top Activities Japan Tourists Should Not Miss Out On In 2023

Japan is one of the most interesting places in the world. It has a long and interesting history that’s why travelers would never want to miss the chance to visit this country. So if you want to discover fun activities to do in Japan, you’re in the right place. This country is open to everyone but never start creating your itinerary without reading this article.

Enjoy The Hot Springs

“Onsen,” that’s what people call hot springs in Japan and they are a huge part of Japanese culture. Due to the many active volcanoes here, there are thousands of hot springs to visit. Japan’s most popular onsen is at Nikko, Shikoku Island, and Hakone. In fact, if you search for Japanese hot springs online, you will be surprised to find a long list of options to pick from.

Bask In Rich History and Culture

During World War II, the city of Hiroshima in southern Japan was bombed. And even up to this day, people go to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum. They also visit the Mazda Museum, the well-known car company that opened the museum. The history of this brand and some of its most popular cars are also on display.

Watch Wrestling Match Live

Sumo is a sport in Japan. And if you want to see them in action, then sumo wrestlers are best seen at live tournaments which last for 15 days. This happens every year in different parts of Japan – Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. Most sumo events take place at the Kokugikan sumo stadium in Ryogoku.

See Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is a volcano on the island of Honshu. Every year, about 200,000 people want to see it in all its glory. They brave the climb to the top of the highest peak of Mount Fuji, which is 3,776 meters or 12,388 ft above sea level. There are special tours where tourists can witness the most beautiful parts of Mount Fuji.

Experience  Bullet Train

“Shinkansen” is Japan’s bullet train system. If you want to experience this, then know that bullet trains can go as fast as 320 kilometers per hour, almost 200 miles an hour. There are nine Shinkansen lines that connect big cities. This is one of the most favored modes of transportation in the country. So if you are in Japan, never miss out on the chance to ride it too to get around the country.

When it comes to activities in Japan, there is no doubt that you will never run out of options. If you want to learn more about Japan, visit Here, you can find more information you need before your trip to Japan.