Top 5 Things You Don’t Want to Miss Doing in Montrose


People who have lived in Montrose forever are in awe when they discover new locations and activities of the city. Just imagine, if locals are still enjoying what this beautiful city has to offer, won’t you have a great time vacationing here?

Montrose has plenty to offer and the sooner you start planning your trip there the better. To help you plan a great trip, here we have listed the top 5 things worth doing in Montrose. Besides, most of these attractions are easily accessible if you plan on staying at Red Arrow Inn and Hotel.

5 Things worth doing in Montrose

  • Visiting the Mountain West Museum

The museum consists historical artifacts all related to the western history. It also displays stores and shops of vintage town. This includes – cash stores, saloon, school, hotel, medical practices, residence, etc. Each of them displays fascinating vintage items. All in all, you don’t want to miss visiting this museum.

  • Botanical Garden

This garden will surprise you beyond your expectations. You will be amazed to see such a beautifully developed and maintained garden right in the middle of a high-desert area like Montrose.

The garden consists of the following:

  • The promenade
  • The xeriscape gardens
  • The rock and crevice gardens
  • The cactus gardens
  • The valley gardens
  • Ute Trail

This 4-mile trail is perfect for those who are looking forward to trek with their families. The trail is considered pretty easy and the views are simply breathtaking. Besides, you will find plenty of wild flowers in the area, and with some good luck, you might even sight wildlife like coyotes, elk, and many different raptors.

  • Water Sport Park

It is part of the Riverbottom park. While your visit there expect nothing, but a day spent doing fun water activities. If sports like kayaking is not your thing, you can even take a walk on the tails alongside the 1000-foot stretch river.

  • The Farmers Market

The market gives tourists an opportunity to come and meet the local farmers and checkout the local produce. During summers, you can find a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, whereas otherwise you can shop for homemade pies, jams, pickles etc. in the market. Also, you will get luxuries like homemade lotions, soaps, etc. at the market.

It will take a lot of planning if you wish to include lots of tourist attractions, and local cuisines in your trip to Montrose. Also, it is not a good idea to simply roam around the city without getting any sleep. So, plan your trip wisely.