Reasons Not to Miss San Juan Mountains


The mountains nestled in the Southern part of Colorado are the most adventurous place for people who like to hike, enjoy bike rides and move on horseback. If you are planning to visit the wonderful places in Colorado, don’t try to avoid enjoying the adventurous trials of San Juan Mountains.

You can stay at the Ouray Chalet Inn and hike around the mountains as the resort isn’t far off from the adventurous trials of San Juan Mountains.

Why you are referred not to miss the wonders of San Juan Mountains?

  • There are innumerable peaks and thrilling trials made by mountaineers loving to reach the summit since centuries. Hence, while you want to fulfill your thirst for exciting uncommon adventure, here is the best challenging one. Yes, you can lead a life of a nomad, isn’t it thrilling to visualize!

  • You can ride on a bike or move on the trials with other hikers. You will be part of nature living far away from common civilization usually you live with. The trials help your mind to relax and forget your earthy worries as at every height there are unknown wonders of nature making you feel refreshed and blessed. To enhance your excitement, there are even steep terrains to cross.
  • Can’t let go the camping life that plays a great role in keeping you always feel one with nature. Lying below the canopy of starlit darkness and placing your head on soft grass heals your mind and removes the disturbance caused by your better to live desires.
  • Not to forget the visit to lakes like Ice Lake, Bridal Veil falls, Ingram Basin and Porphyry basin home of several small lakes. All lakes have their own beauty to portray lusting visitors to camp around them.

More about the activities you can enjoy in the mountain valley:

  • Arrastra basin: It is a lake surrounded by mine ruins. The spectacular scenic beauty of lake makes it worthy enough to endure the hardship of hiking trial route.
  • There are few amazing towns where you can enjoy local delicious food in the rustic ambience of the restaurants.
  • Have a stroll in the local market buzzing with beautiful handmade items created by the natives.

  • There are well known ski centers to enjoy skiing in winter times. There are even competitions held, thus the ski centers are totally crowded during winter season.
  • The mountain valley is well known as habitat of miners in the 19th century, thus you can explore the remains of the mine and even have guided historical tour.

If you are visiting Colorado don’t forget to visit San Juan Mountains.