How to arrange Study trips to Japan?

Take a study trip to Japan to learn about a country where old traditions and modern technologies coexist. During a fascinating Japan student tours, learn to cook sushi, perform karaoke tunes, and order ramen from a vending machine. The beautiful new school in central Tokyo is the ideal place to begin a study vacation to Japan.

Japan is a world unto itself in many ways. Cultural characteristics that distinguish it from other countries include a hierarchical culture, intricate social conventions, aversion to change, and fast innovation. Whether you want to take a short introductory Japanese course or become fluent in a longer programme, our study tours in Japan may help you get there. Our Tokyo academy is one of our newest, yet our methods and standards remain the same. We will organise your study trip to Japan with the same level of expertise that we have been known for since we first began teaching languages in 1965.

What documents are needed to apply for a Japanese student visa:

  • The educational institution’s Certificate of Eligibility (original and a copy)
  • The application for a visa (filled out carefully)
  • 1 piece of picture identification (must be pasted on the form)
  • Your passport must be valid.
  • Your Zairyu Card is your residential card (exception: EU)

What exactly is a student visa?

The passport is a government-issued document issued by your country of origin. It is accepted as an international identification document. The visa is an official document granted by Japan or any other nation where you wish to dwell that permits you to reside in the country for a particular period of time and for a specific purpose. For example, you can obtain a visa that allows you to work (commonly referred to as a work visa), study (Student Visa), or travel for an extended period of time (for example: WHV – Work Holiday Visa). The visa will be linked to your passport once it is issued.

Japanese customs from the past

Japan has established a number of highly intricate rituals and social rules throughout the years. Fortunately, the Japanese are used to Westerners getting it wrong. They are pleasantly surprised, in fact, that there are foreigners learning Japanese and attempting to comprehend their culture. During your study vacation to Japan, our professors will educate you to the country’s culture and customs, as well as Japanese pronunciation and grammar. To correctly use the language, you will require both types of talents. The Japanese people with whom you practise what you’ve learnt will be delighted to assist you in improving your command of the language. A study trip to Japan is a wonderfully enlightening experience.

Tokyo study trips

Nothing beats study trips in Tokyo for learning Japanese in Japan. Our Japanese class programme employs cutting-edge educational approaches to provide you with the skills you need to go out on the town and confidently practise your Japanese. All of our study tours include activities and leisure time, allowing you to make the most of your time in Tokyo and advance as swiftly as possible.