Getting Married in Vegas? Keep these Things in Mind


Being able to eschew the wedding budget, the seating charts, and the planning process for a Vegas wedding is every couple’s fantasy.  Who doesn’t want to just grab the groom, hop on a plane and go? However, this is not quite right. There are requirements to meet to get married in this vibrant city. Keep reading to know the things to keep in mind when planning to tie the knot in Vegas


First, you need to get a license to marry. You must fill out a marriage application for the state of Nevada 60 days before the wedding. You will need to submit your application to the lark County Marriage License Bureau. You will need a valid ID that could be a passport or a driver’s license.

Advance Booking

Keep in mind that Las Vegas is known for being a wedding destination and you should be prepared to wait in line. Venues and vendors can also book up quickly. To make sure you will have everything taken care of for your wedding, make sure to book in advance.

Wedding Budget

A quick wedding in Las Vegas may sound like a nice way to save money. However, Custom Las Vegas Weddings here can get as expensive as something local. For example, if you choose to tie the knot in an all-inclusive hotel, the packages are pricey as they include wedding coordination services and different vendors. But, no matter your wedding budget, Vegas can turn your dream wedding into a reality.

The Best Time to Get Married

Couples differ in terms of the best time to marry in Vegas. Some couples prefer a desert wedding or elopement while others want the traditional one held in a hotel or mansion. Vegas tends to get more beautiful in the spring and winter; however, things are expected to get more expensive and extra crowded. Also, the holidays are the most famous wedding weekends because of traveling tourists. In fact, airline tickets can be through the roof. But, if budget and time are not an issue for you, you can have a Vegas wedding anytime and anywhere you want.

Attractive Perks

Weddings in Las Vegas can be a spur-of-the-moment or a sophisticated, well-planned affair. As a destination wedding, it will be a blast for your guests. Depending on your choices, you might be able to save money and stress. Also, the city is a great honeymoon destination with plenty of amazing shows, spas, restaurants, and rides. What you experience in Vegas is something that will last a lifetime.