Five Great Things to Do in Ouray, Colorado


The mountain town of Ouray in Colorado boasts stunning scenery and beautiful outdoor recreation, especially for snow lovers. Nestled in the southwestern part of the state, Ouray is not home to a big crowd. In fact, it only has a little over a thousand residents. However, the town is a huge tourist destination because of the many fun things to do here. That is why tourists can find many accommodation options in the town. Those who prefer to stay in a hotel can easily check out Ouray hotel room rates that suit their budget. If you are looking to visit Ouray soon, below are some of the things to do in the town:

Visit the Ouray Ice Park

A visit Ouray in the winter will let you witness how the town comes alive when covered in ice and snow. If you wish to try ice climbing or watch other thrill lovers do it, go to the Ouray Ice Park. The ice park has two hundred climbing routes so you will always have a route to try for each visit.

Explore the Downtown Shops

You can find simple shops and restaurants in Downtown Ouray. You can walk through them even if you don’t have much time. From boutique kitchen stores to high-end art galleries and T-shirt shops, this part of Ouray can easily eat up your time. Remember to visit Ouray Brewing to try their local beer. You can easily grab a meal while walking around.

Drive the San Juan Skyway

If you prefer to take a scenic drive, the San Juan Skyway is the best place to go. Located at about 8, 000 feet of elevation, this town is proud of its snow-capped mountains that provide fascinating scenery.

Go to the Ouray Alchemist Museum

The museum lets you learn a little about the history of medicine and pharmaceuticals. An hour tour can help you learn enough. But, because the tours are private, you need to book on ahead of time.

Head to the Hot Springs

The Ouray area is home to many hot springs and some of them are worth dipping in. Their pool temperatures can range from around 88 degrees to 105 degrees. The Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa and Orvis Hot Springs, and the Ouray Hot Springs Pool are some of the best choices. Make sure to take a dip into one of these hot pools after a busy day of backcountry skiing and ice climbing.