Few Best Things That You Can Do When You Are in Sherbrooke


Sherbrooke city has a very long history, dating back to about 8,000 years but it was during the 20th century that people really started noticing it.

Sherbrooke was a cultural, economic and also an institutional centre of this region, and was nicknamed as ‘Queen of the Eastern Townships’. It really is the queen with its numerous green spaces and urban core which are also surrounded by lakes, mountains and rivers.

It is the city with heritage and cultural sights, having natural attractions, city spa that makes it a great place as holiday destination. In case, you ever happen to visit Sherbrooke then don’t miss to do the following few best things:

  • Go for walking and hiking

Whether you visit during summer, winter or spring the place called Mont Bellevue Park is the largest park available where you can walk a lot.

  • Gaze at art

If you are an art lover then never miss to visit Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts. You will find very nice collection of arts of many different periods.

  • Try to know about natural diversity of city

By visiting Science museum and Sherbrooke Nature your day will be spent in seeing minerals, animal fossils, animal specimens and scientific instruments.

  • Look at castles

You will find many castle-like residences which are located all over Rock Forest of the city neighbourhood. This former farming village has become home today for few most elite residents of the city.

  • Visit an armoury

Sherbrooke Armoury is the home of Sherbrooke Hussars, and also Canadian Army Sherman Tank. This building is also national historic site.

  • Have tea

Also enjoy tea in English tradition at Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre.

  • Go to see theatre

Granada Theatre has now become national historic site, but it also features various shows. Originally it was built as cinema, but rarely any films ever shown here today.

  • Visit the prison

In 1990, this winter prison was closed, but now it has become a major attraction. This prison was constructed in the 1865 and is the oldest building in the city.

  • Enjoy a fest

Sherbrooke being one of the cultural hubs of this region, hosts many fabulous festivals. Enjoy festival during any season of the year.

  • Taste local beer

Boquébière micro-brewery will be the perfect place for testing local beer. Tastings can be made available right onsite which allow you to explore and enjoy many local brews.