Features of chartering a sailboat in Barcelona

Sailing on a yacht has been a dream for many of us since childhood. We used to watch movies where young people enjoyed themselves on yachts in the evenings, throwing lively parties and enjoying life, while at that time we couldn’t even imagine that we could afford such an experience. In the past, sailing on a yacht and hosting parties seemed unbelievable and unattainable. Even today, many people think it’s a luxury reserved for the wealthy. In reality, this is far from the truth. Chartering a sailboat in Barcelona is something that many of us can afford, especially when planning a vacation with a large group of friends.

“Scarlet sails, blue skies, little Assol waiting for her love…” In fact, every girl and woman would like to be in Assol’s shoes, whose dream came true. Deep down, every lady hopes that her prince charming is a romantic who will someday sail to her on a yacht with large sails. And this dream can come true. Dear gentlemen, hurry to give your beloved women such a surprise, and in return, you’ll receive a happy and smiling face of your loved one. Just imagine how romantic it is to spend an evening under the stars, enjoying the fresh air, delicious champagne, and the presence of your better half.

Where to rent a yacht?

It’s best to choose trusted companies. You can book a sailboat charter on the following page: https://barcelonaboatrental.com/rent/sailboat-barcelona/ – a reliable company called Barcelona Boat Rental that has been in business for years. The prices here are relatively low, considering the high quality of service.

How to rent a yacht and operate it independently?

Usually, when you rent a yacht, you get an experienced captain as a “bonus.” However, their presence may not always be enjoyable. To be able to navigate the vessel on your own, you must possess a special license. To obtain it, you need to undergo specific training. Only after that can you try your hand at being a real captain.

How to choose the right yacht?

  1. First, you need to determine the size of the yacht, which directly depends on the number of people who will be on board simultaneously.
  2. Decide on the format of your vacation. If you prefer active leisure, romance, and adventure, then a sailboat is what you need.
  3. When choosing a boat, pay attention to its length. The longer it is, the more comfortable it will be (more stable and less shaky on the waves).
  4. The yacht you select should not be older than five years, but its mileage should not be close to zero. This way, you protect yourself from various minor inconveniences.
  5. It’s worth noting that the cost of the vessel during the high season is almost twice as high as during the low season. You will have to pay not only for the rental but also for the fuel, so be prepared for additional expenses.

Have a great journey!