Facts that Can Astonish You About Pyrenean Mountains

Facts that Can Astonish You About Pyrenean Mountains

Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the long-stretched Pyrenees mountains are quite famous for being the natural frontier between Spain and France. 

The mountain region is stretched for more than 450 km and consists of wild peak high ridges, which are more than 3000 m high. 

The beauty of the Pyrenees mountain regions is that they stand as the divider between Southern France and Northern Spain. Both sides of the mountainous regions are completely opposite from one another. 

You can find baked and dry land on one side and fertile and green land on the other side of the mountain. Hence, you can expect different plant life and climatic conditions on either side. 

Mountain Beauty 

The mountainous region is just like an unexploited territory. The same goes for the wild area too. 

Even though there are some all-year routes that can take you between France and Spain as required, you might sometimes get lost in the wilderness of the mountain region, and might even get far from the crowded areas. 

Even though you will be traveling through the uncharted wilderness, you can notice some walking paths that are considered the seldom-traveled paths. 

The Pyrenean mountains are very easy to access even through the walking paths. While on the walking adventure in the mountainous region, you can expect to explore many natural beauties in the form of cirques, lakes, high peaks, and many such wonders. 

You might have understood that the mountainous region is the best location for some exclusive and beautiful flora and fauna to flourish. 

You can find many rarely-seen flora, fauna, and even insect families here, which are exclusive to these regions. You can explore some rare wildly grown flowers, timid animal families, elusive birds, and many more. 

The beauty of exploring the Pyrenean mountainous region is that you can see the upper end of the valleys curved into semicircle precipitous cliffs in many places. 

These cliffs are known as cirques and are something that is worth exploring while on a trip to this region. 

Exclusive Fauna and Flora

Some of the exclusive families to the Pyrenean mountains are Pyrenean Desman, bearded vulture, brown bear, and genet. 

Other families of fauna include foxes, deer, badgers, smaller mammals, weasels, groundhogs, and so on. While trekking through the valley areas, you can come across dippers, rainbow trout, salamanders, and many other similar species. 

The collection of flora exclusive for the Pyrenean region include long-leafed butterwort or purple color, bellflower, edelweiss, and so on. 

Exclusive Fauna and Flora

Water Sources 

Apart from the wonderful collection of flora and fauna, you can come across many natural wonders in the form of water sources such as river ravines, cascading waterfalls, glacial lakes, and so on. According to UNESCO, this mountainous region is considered a natural wonder of France

While listing the seven wonders of the world, the explorers are considering the addition of the Pyrenean mountain to the list because of the wonderful natural beauty it possesses. 

However, discussions are still going on to see whether this can be achieved or not based on several criteria.