Exploring Every Corner of Jakarta with Gojek

If you are in Jakarta and want to get around the city quickly, you want to understand Gojek. I was lucky enough to be at the launch party of his app program. Let me tell you about this particular support.

Jakarta and Ojek

An ojek is a motorbike rider who provides a ride where you want to go. Ojeks are quite a popular mode of transportation in Jakarta, as some of the transportation in Jakarta is not well connected and Jakarta is not very convenient to walk around (especially during the day and through rush hours). So we often take motorbikes wherever we go.

Visitors in Jakarta are very difficult to manage. Maybe you have noticed that Jakarta has the worst population on the planet? For all these reasons, getting an Ojek is undoubtedly the solution to getting to where you want to be quickly and cheaply. It’s easy to go anywhere by ojek.

Having an Ojek arises after you are a tourist (or even get to know specific places) from Jakarta. Whenever you are going to hire a motorcycle taxi provider, bargaining is important. Never take an ojek before agreeing on how much you can pay for the service.

Believe me, also, for those who speak (black) terminology, haggling is catchy. Apart from that, you also have to be aware of how much you have to pay. You want to understand the distance between the point of departure to your arrival point and the supply-demand of all Ojeks in the area. Two things that the locals don’t always understand.

Gojek is The Best Solution

Nadiem Makarim, CEO & Founder of GO-JEK, clarified the services provided by Go-Jek, namely: Direct Courier, Transportation and Shopping. So you’ve got it, ojek for every request. With this goal in mind, the business was set up to simplify payments for ojeks by setting a fee per kilometer. It works a little like Uber. It makes things easy, by using the meter you understand exactly how much you want to pay. Easy.

My Experience with Gojek

I recently attended a blogger collection organized by Go-Jek. The company recently created its Go-Jek mobile program for Android and iOS users, and it’s great. You can download the program and order it there, it’s very simple!

After selecting the support “transport,” it will redirect you to another window showing the map “Drivers near me” and then pick alternatives consisting of (select the title of the street / building location and the details of the place-number of the house / / floor / landmark), To (choose a place) and the options choose today or pick up after (you want to give a pick up time). You’ll also find the right PRICE INFO here. It’s in a blue highlight near the top of the display! You won’t miss it. Btw, that’s IDR 4000 / kilometer and you’ll get a fair price + you don’t have to deal with that. Get all the details. The following page is “Finding Driver” and some details such as: Did you understand? All transportation bookings include free headwear and masks. Ah! Perfect!

After that, you’ll receive a Go-Jek bill to pay (or you can pay money) and a “Your Notebook is on Your Own Path” page. It is said that the pick-up address and the estimated moment (the period is not precise, it is said 10 minutes, but the driver comes 15 minutes). It will also reveal the name + picture of your driver (most new drivers do not have one) along with a replacement for communicating with the driver (phone and SMS). Just wait and continue with your Ojek driver that you have purchased through Go-Jek. Easy!


I encourage you to use the Go-Jek app (I only have expertise with their “transport” support, but some friends seem to have taken advantage of their direct courier support, and they claim that’s great too). I like it when people provide solutions to some problems, rather than just whining and doing nothing. Are you really tempted to get Go-Jek to move? Or have you tried Go-Jek before? Don’t forget to share your adventure!

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