Explore the world’s most architectural and traditional places of Barcelona


Do you love the cities of European continents? Barcelona is one of the best tourism cities in Spain. The mountainous areas and the beachside of neighboring cities with cultured sites and architectural buildings make this city always crowded. Millions of people come to travel to this city being attracted by natural beauty, optimal climatic, and a lot of leisure activities. Barcelona is the most attractive climatic city in the Mediterranean Sea. Barcelonian private tours of Barcelona provide a full-fledged travel book in Barcelona.

Places to visit in Barcelona 

Barcelona is a diversified place to visit for travelers. Because of ample things to do and a wide range of beautiful architectural sites which carry different values, Barcelona is a place that everyone wants to stay for a long tour.  Barcelonian private tours of Barcelona 

shares some beautiful spots to visit in Barcelona.

  • Northern sites: It covers Catalonia. Catalonia is the capital of Barcelona. The amazing places to visit in Catalonia are – Girona, Olot, Besalú, and Banyoles.

Those are some selective cities of Catalonia of tourist attractions.  Girona is a place with a beautiful Jewish Museum with heritage. Being out you will experience a Vibes of being a dormant volcanic crater. Besalú walks through a 12th-century bridge and 11th-century church with historical value. Banyoles is mainly famous for the lake of Banyoles.

Apart from these mind-blowing, traditional cities, North of Barcelona has so many places to visit such as Cadaqués and l’Escala, Tossa de Mar.

The spectacular view of the Romanesque castle, Cadaqués, which is a fishing village, is also not avoidable.

  • Sun in the Mediterranean Sea

Being in Barcelona, provides you with the best memory of experiencing sunrise with the Mediterranean. There are so many attractive packages by Barcelonian private tours that provide sunrise cruises with fantastic foods.


Apart from all these, there are other adventurous things to do in Barcelona. Are you curious about it? So, continue reading this article till the end. The gothic cultured buildings, history riches sites, roads of sculpture are the assets of Barcelona. To experience the natural beauty of Barcelona, you have to spend at least 6-7 days here. The Barcelonian private tours of Barcelona are always available to deliver the best travel package in the most historically rich and traditional country in Spain: Barcelona. You can also go visit Lisbon in Portugal which is known for its gothic architecture and rich culture, to shoot some memorable pictures you can hire a photographer in Lisbon