Enjoy The Best Hiking Experience In The Teide Mountain In The Canary Island

The Teide is a mountain that is considered the highest in Spain. It stands 3718m tall and offers the best hiking trails for interested hikers. It is said that this mountain offers the best view of sunrise over the Canaries, and hence thousands of hikers plan a hiking trip to view this marvellous scene that nature has to offer for them. 

The Teide volcano mountain is the best hiking trail for many visitors, and this factor has made it to be protected by a UNESCO World Heritage National Park. Hence, you can enjoy mountain climbing even during the night times, as per your climbing the Teide by night idea with friends or fellow hikers. 

While planning a hike in The Teide mountain, here are some things that you should know. 

Getting to Teide

The excellent ways to reach The Teide mountain is in two different ways, 

  • You can choose to ride a cable car till the last climb at the top of the mountain. The map that you can obtain anywhere in The Canary Islands can help you in this case. The map will be marked with black spots indicating the places where the cable car is available for the climb. Once you have reached the last climb, you can then continue with the remaining ascent of 1km by foot. 
  • You can drive your car to the Montana Blanca car park and continue your hiking from there. The total distance that you should cover from here is 8kms and can require a hike of more than 3 to 5 hours based on your health conditions. 

The hiking on the trails of The Teide volcano mountain is limited to only 150 climbers per day. Hence, you cannot just plan a hiking trip on the previous night and go hiking here. You need to first contact the concerned services and check whether the slot is available for the hiking trip or not. 

The hiking trip to Teide mountain will be booked for months, and hence you may have to wait for a few months for pre-booking. Hence, make a plan as early as possible and book your slot as soon as possible. 

Hiking During the Night Times 

The demand for hiking in The Teide mountain has resulted in the concerned services to offer the night time hiking as well. The overall hiking trip requires 24 hours to cover the trip to the top of the mountain and back to the land, and hence night time hiking option is also available. 

The hikers love night time climbing of The Teide mountain because of the view that they get to enjoy when they reach the top just before sunrise. With the help of the normally required gears and equipment and a headlamp, you are all good to go. The path will be marked for the hikers to enjoy easy climbing. 

For pre-booking of The Teide Mountain hiking trip, you can visit the webpage of Club Canary. You will get the complete information about how to proceed further from then on, including the overall booking costs. You can even cancel your pre-booking if you feel like you cannot make it on the date of booking. Visit the webpage to know more.