Destin – A Mesmerizing Island in Florida with a Package Full of Adventure and Fun

Destin, Florida is a perfect family destination, with many kid-friendly entertainment options. While some people visit Destin to enjoy the emerald green water and white sand, others visit Destin for all the fun activities the town has to offer. There are tons of fun things a person can enjoy in Destin and spend some time in various attractions, restaurants, shops, and other non-beach-related activities.  

Most countries are done with their vaccine shots, so people are getting restless to come out of their houses and enjoy vacations at their favorite places. This winter Destin, Florida may experience high traffic. So, it is wise to plan your vacation and make all the desired bookings beforehand.

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Destin welcomes families, couples and groups of friends to enjoy fun under the sun. The moment you drop your bag at the vacation rental, or hotel and reach the beach, you’ll feel how relaxing it is. Time flies quickly and you will not realize when the sun soaks in water to cool off its heat. While feeling the sand under your feet, you can also enjoy different flavors of fresh seafood. 

The best part of spending time in Destin is that it is a complete package of fun, adventure, and food. Whether it is a beach, Adventure Park, museum, or shopping arcade, kids and adults both enjoy together. 

Various Activities to Enjoy in Destin, Florida –

Henderson Beach

All Destin beaches are attractive, but Henderson Beach stands out among all. This 1.5-mile beach, holding a stretch of 30-foot dunes, is the perfect place to spot migratory birds, dolphins, and sea turtles. This beach is a complete combination of natural beauty and wildlife. If you want to experience natural life, set up a camp near the beach and enjoy yourself with family within the protected area. Start a bonfire, connect with people around and make new friends, or walked around holding hands with your spouse.

Destin Harbor Boardwalk

It is the most popular tourist spot and should be on your Destin Florida things to do list. It is a perfect place for newly-wed couples, family and groups of people. The colorful nature of the boardwalk with various restaurants, ice cream parlors, and charter boat sailing in and out takes up your whole day. If this is not enough, then try all water activities like parasailing, jet-skiing, day cruise, kayaking, etc. 

Big Kahuna’s

You can’t spend every day on the beach, so spend some time in the fun and Adventure World of Big Kahuna’s water park. The amazing water slides, wrapped rides, lazy river, pipeline slides, and surf simulator along with 40 more attractions are super fun places. Forget about kids, even adults get entertained just by sliding one of the water slides featured with a pool.  

Okaloosa Island Fishing Pier 

Destin, Florida is called ‘the world’s luckiest fishing village’ that lies in the Panhandle on the Gulf of Mexico. However, Okaloosa Island is a place that has all fishing-related activities. Tourists can rent fishing tools and equipment from the village at an affordable price.  Even kids can join this activity and kids below 5 years of age can enjoy it for free of cost. The other places in Destin offer fishing on the beach from a kayak or a charter boat, but Okaloosa is the best place for all fishing activities. 

Dolphin Cruise

If you want to enjoy a few dolphins diving into the sea then rent a cruise to the sea. They will take you to the middle of the sea where you can watch dolphins, migrating birds and other sea creatures for 2-3 hours.  Some Cruises also provide free beverages and food for kids which is the icing on the cake.

Gator Beach at Fudpucker’s

If you love delicious seafood, then visit Gator Beach at Fudpucker’s to enjoy various cuisines and a free alligator show.  You can also feed gators with a bait pole. This will be an exciting experience for kids and youngsters to watch alligators closely. 

Gulf Area Marine Adventure Park

This aquarium contains marine life. You can see dolphins, sharks, stingrays, alligators, sea lions, tortoises, etc. Become a trainer for a day for dolphins, chat with Shark experts, watch Dolphin shows, and enjoy the whole day excitingly between sea animals. They arrange shows throughout the day. If you wish to spend all day with your kids and family get close seats in the facility for the shows for the whole day.  

Destin History and Fashion Museum

 If you want your family to know why Destin Florida is so special, then take them to Destin History and Fishing Museum where they can learn from Sandestin, the rich history and booming fishing industry of the city. The Museum is full of fish species, photos from Destin’s beginning, different fishing equipment, historic boats, and the original post office. 

The island is full of surprises for anyone who is visiting it for the first time. The place is so mesmerizing that whosoever visits the first time, plans another trip very soon. Remember to plan a trip at least a week prior, (which of course is not enough) for optimal enjoyment.