4 Best Things to Do When You are in Colorado


Colorado is loaded with the most beautiful wilderness and mountain sceneries. It is also super rich in the wild west stories and is worldwide famous for its wildlife and outdoor activities. It is also a home to the famous cities like Denver that has many museums and art for those who want to live in the outskirts rather in the cities. No matter if you are a mountain climber or an art lover, there is something for everyone in Colorado.

  • Red Rocks Amphitheatre

This is a stone formation located near Morrison, Colorado. It is situated 15 miles outside Denver and the raw beauty of these rocks will surely impress you. It is claimed to be used by Ute tribe before the westward could be expanded and the rock formations have the perfect acoustics for live music performances. Many bands and artists perform on the rock stage here. If you love music, then check out the shows in Colorado, speaking of which, you can also check out the John Denver exhibit that is organized in Colorado for the diehard fans.

  • Mesa Verde National Park

Or green table is situated in southwest Colorado. The area was claimed as a national park by Roosevelt in 1906. It is an amazing national park and is a World Heritage Site that preserves the ancient Puebloan cliff dwellings and is perfect for history and nature lovers alike. Just put on your walking shows and take your camera when you are in Mesa Verde. The place is inhabited since 7500 BC by nomadic tribes and the first pueblos were built in 1200 AD.

  • Strawberry Parks Hot Springs

This is a natural paradise you just cannot simply miss out on. This lets the visitors to relax in an amazing wild setting that is accessible to all. Just bring your swimsuit along and try these natural springs when you want to recharge. Make the most of the Jacuzzis the nature has to offer. The park has day spots for picnics and changing room. If you want to extend the trip, there are many rooms available as well. You can explore the trails or bring a bike if you are interested.

  • Great Sand Dunes National Park

This is situated in the southern Colorado. It stands in contrast to the mountains like Rocky Mountain National Park, the sandy dunes have the land covered here that creates beautiful vistas. Hit the largest dune, the Star Dune. You can also enjoy a lot of activities like trails or enjoy the forests and wetlands.