3 Reasons to Add Texas to Your Travel Bucket List

Southern United States areas are a specific type of their own. Anyone who has lived or traveled through can tell you this. There is something about southern hospitality that brings a smile to our faces and a warm feeling to our bellies. And some of these locations are the true image of southern America when we think of them. Texas is about as all-American as you can get!

Everything in Texas is Big

The state is the second-largest state, following only Alaska. The bigger the state, the more options for types of living. This also means the bigger the state, the bigger the cities. Texas is home to at least three of the ten largest cities in the United States. So yeah, when they say everything is bigger here, they mean it!

You have Houston as the biggest in the state. There are about 2.3 million people who call Houston home. And Texans have a ton of pride so you know they are crazy about their Houston teams. This would be an awesome visit if you enjoy any professional sports, even if you’re not a Texas fan. You just may not want to say that out loud to anyone. Catch an Astros game at Minute Maid Park or a Rocket’s game at the Toyota Center. 

If you decide that Houston is a great home for you, then you’ll be pleased to know you don’t have to travel far to visit your kids at college. Houston is home to four different state universities. The University of Houston has many stand-alone schools around the state – and there’s plenty of room for them all. Additionally, there’s the catholic school the University of St. Thomas, and the baptist private school Houston Baptist University. 

Big Cities = Big Fun

From Houston to Austin and San Antonio, you’re looking at about 3 hours of travel to each from the city of Houston. However, along the way, you can find tons of attractions for the whole family! If you end up driving, stop at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in both Hempstead, Texas, and San Antonio. Between Austin and San Antonio can find a load of attractions. There’s something for everyone.

You can check out the World’s Largest Pecan in Seguin, Texas. There is the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch that is right outside of San Antonio and it’s one of the Nation’s best safari parks. It’s located on over 400 acres and has been family owned for the past 100 years. In Austin, you can bring the crew to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. It is operated by the University of Texas. It was opened over 40 years ago as the National Wildflower Research Center by Helen Hayes and Lady Bird Johnson. 

Austin and San Antonio aren’t just fun places to visit, but they are exemplary neighborhoods to live in as well. San Antonio boasts a wonderful appeal with its River Walk full of restaurants, bars, and small businesses. When you are in town, stop and check out apartments for rent in San Antonio. The housing market here is wonderful for purchasing but it may be difficult to lock in a great deal with the trends of today. 

Big Character

Texas is known to be a bit of a lover and a fighter. There are a lot of tough and rugged vibes coupled with the classic welcoming tone of the South. Think along the lines they’ll kick your butt in cowboy boots but then feed you a huge meal afterward. There is terrain that spans from desert to mountain, from beachy coastlines to extreme heat. There is a rich history of land and people from countless cultures. 

Nothing brings others together like sharing a good time at a place that has been doing the same things for centuries. But some things are worth noting if you’re looking to spend any time here, even if it’s not full-time. It will always be hot and dry because it’s the dang desert. If you’re a person who does not do well in the heat, do not move to Texas. 

There are also a ton of billionaires who live in Texas. Which is great when bringing in research facilities and contributing to the advancement of your country, but can feel a bit strange or intimidating around those connected to the oil industry. Whatever leads you to Texas, you’re sure not to forget your time!